Friday, April 14, 2017





Thursday, January 12, 2017


The world stopped spinning for a moment or so 
The sun just went away 
The music ended and the fans mourned 
When George died on Christmas day 

No more new releases from the studio 
No more songs to sing along 
The sun is mourning behind the clouds 
The singer has sung his last song

The poet paints pictures in your mind with words and phrases.

Thought of the day

Sunday, April 19, 2015

You can Run but you cant Hide

You can run but you cannot hide

I am eternal and i will find you
Time is on my side
Run where you wish
I will be right behind
I will find you and
When i do
Your soul is mine


A Mid Night's Dream

I looked through all the prompts
Then I glanced at the door
From a tree outside the window
I saw a bird I had seen before

In the quiet I heard scraping
on the window and the floor
I looked about then looked outside
A cold wind chilled me to the core.

In my half awake state writing
Crimson ink stains on my wrist
The crimson ink smears the paper
As my mind drifts in sleepy bliss

Suddenly, there comes a tapping
Tapping and scratching at the door
The door creaks open slightly
A stiff breeze goes across the floor

Beneath the floor there's scratching
Something trying to get in
In the distance I hear howling
As the moon shines bright again

As the door swings open swiftly
Pushed by wind or ghostly hand
Entereth a raven
Then it turns into a man

I recognize him swiftly
The one before me that I know
I have read him in the twilight's light
This poet they call Poe  

He points to the closet
I hear scratching at the closet door
I ask him "Are they coming for me?"
He disappears this poet of lore

As the door starts to open slowly
In the distance I hear the lone wolf cry
And something invisible strokes my spine
And says, "Wake up, its time"

The alarm clock is blaring
As I open up my eyes
I roll out of bed and get myself dressed
And head for my ride

True it was all just a dream
I shake it off and lock the door
But in the moon's glow
On the old dead tree
Sits a raven as before

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Killer WebRing

Her long black hair hangs down
Covering her face
Her little blue dress is torn and tattered
Her soul? There is no trace
She watches from the shadows
Everywhere you go
Leaving a trail of water
On the carpets and the floors

The first time that you see her
It is already too late
Once you are chosen by her
Death has sealed your fate

She watches you from the shadows
You hear her footsteps down the hall
She only speaks to echo you
When you're in her darkened thrall

She watches you for just a week
And then your soul is hers    
In the dark of night
When you're all alone
She will come to make things worse.

You made a deal with the devil
When you clicked on "I agree"
Although nobody warned you of the horrors
You would see  

But somewhere in the fine print  
You signed your life away
Another victim of the website
That takes your soul in seven days

Drunken Poet

Sing a song of sixpence
A Catcher in the Rye
If Moe gets in your face you just
Poke him in the eye
When the bar was opened
Coyotes danced and sang
Two and a Half Men
Followed by the Big Bang