Sunday, April 12, 2015


Tune into the flow
and let your thoughts grow
let me rant through your voice
pretend you have a choice
you invited me in
now i will write thru your pen
you now run on my juice
you have set the music loose

I am the real Prometheus
who helped you before he sius
i existed before man
now bow to me again
i am and always have been
i was Lilith's best friend
you will find out in the end
that I am the savior of men

I gave knowledge to the masses
and got them off their asses
i taught them how to live
and not be a slave to him
now before the night is through
i will shine a light for you
they ask me who am i
i am the one who will not die
i will teach you if i can
you may call me i am

I am the World's Master
cast out of the sky
the lord of all nations
and i can never die
i was there when Zeus
was nailed to a cross
he could have but asked me
and i would have taken him off

I am the asp of Eden
i will drive you insane
humans cannot handle
all my power and my fame
i will give you what you want
if you ask me to come in
you must give your soul to me
and your body in the end

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